MTV’s “Catfish the TV Show”

MTV’s “Catfish the TV Show"

Casting Call for MTV TV Show Nationwide

Do you have an online romance with someone you have never met in person? Does something always come up every time you try to meet them or skype with them? Do you think the love of your life may not be who they say you are? Now is your chance to find out! MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show is now casting for the series 5th season. It’s not easy finding love in the digital age. Just because you swipe right doesn’t mean he’s Mr. Right. You might “like” her photos, but what if you’re not seeing the whole picture?

About “Catfish”

Everybody’s a “10” behind the right filter, but you can’t know if they’re “the one” until you meet them face-to-face. That’s where we come in. If your online love won’t come clean, come visit, or come correct then come to us! Nev, Max, and our crack investigative team will leave no stone unturned in our search for answers. You deserve the truth. We can help.

Applicant Requirements

Nev and Max are now searching for more online relationships, friendships and business partners who have never met or seen each other on webcam. Are you tired of hearing excuses from your online love about why you can’t meet? Or, are you keeping a secret from your Internet crush that you’re dying to confess? If you think it’s time to find out if your online relationship is true, Nev and Max are here for you.

If this sounds like you, then MTV, Nev and Max want to hear from you!

Application Instructions

Those who think their online love may not be who they claim to be can apply for the hit television series by visiting the link below and filling out the casting information

Apply for Season 5 Now:

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