Nickelodeon’s “Paradise Run”

Nickelodeon’s Paradise Run

Casting Kids Ages 11-14 for Nickelodeon TV Show Nationwide

Nickelodeon’s hit game show Paradise Run will be filming their second season and are now accepting applications for kids to compete in the show. They are seeking kid teams of two who want to compete in physical and mental challenges for a chance to win the ultimate vacation experience. The series films in Hawaii between May and June. Parents or legal guardians must be able to travel with the selected children to shoot the show.

About Paradise Run

Nickelodeon’s television series “Paradise Run” features contestants that team up and throw down for the ultimate grand prize on Paradise Run. Each team will be faced with a series of challenges that put their physical, mental and teamwork skills to the test. Who will finish first, and who will watch their tropical dreams sail off into the sunset is the question?

Contestant Requirements

Mystic Arts Pictures is seeking child teams of two for the show. They want fun, competitive and intelligent siblings, twins, cousins, besties, neighbors or kids who know each other very well.

Kids must be between 11 and 14 years old at the time of filming

Must not have appeared on a game or reality show in the last year

Contestants must be available for up to 48 hours to film in Hawaii between May 1st – June 10th

Selected contestants must be accompanied by one parent or legal guardian

Application Instructions

To apply to be on the show, parents can fill out an application by clicking here.

Parents can also email Be sure to include a photo of the two kids that would like to be on the show, their names, ages, location and parent’s name and contact information. If your child and their friend or relative is ready to compete for the ultimate paradise vacation then apply today!

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