Animal Planet’s “Tanked”

Animal Planet's Tanked

Casting Call for Home Aquarium Owners Who Want to Update Their Tank

Do you live in the Las Vegas or Los Angeles area? Are you sick of looking at an old aquarium in your house that’s just taking up space? If so, Glass Entertainment wants to hear from you! Brett and Wayde from the hit series TANKED on Animal Planet are going out on the road to makeover a lucky aquarium owner’s tank for FREE. They are looking for people who desperately need their in-home aquarium overhauled. They want people with BIG personalities who want to make a BIG change to their fish tank.

About “Tanked”

The team from Las Vegas-based Acrylic Tank Manufacturing is back, and co-owners Wayde King and Brett Raymer are ready to take fish tank building to a whole new level! These tanks are all filled with the most exotic, unusual, colorful and dangerous fish in the world. The duo are tasked with building some of the most enormous and awe-inspiring tanks and aquariums for top celebrities, luxury hotels and casinos, Fortune 500 businesses, private homes and millionaire homeowners across the country.

Requirements for Consideration

Animal Planet’s casting team is looking for aquarium owners from the around the country who desperately need their in-home aquarium overhauled.

They are looking for big personalities who want to make a big change to their fish tank

Must be local to Los Angeles or Las Vegas

Application Information

If you want to be considered for the upcoming show Fish Tank, please submit a bio about yourself, your location, as well as any recent photos of yourself, your family, and the fish tank in desperate need of repair. Please send all submissions to: as soon as possible. If you are in the running to have your aquarium made-over, you will be contacted by the production team.

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